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Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Schedule

Semester 2, 2023

Course CodePAL LeaderPAL Session ScheduleZoom Link/ Venue
College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (CAFF)
AEG412Sharti MalaTuesday2–4pmLearning Common Room – Koronivia
Wednesday2–3pmLearning Common Room – Koronivia
AGO512Adarsh SinghMonday3–4pmTR4 – Koronivia
Tuesday5–6pmTR4 – Koronivia
Wednesday 3–5pmTR4 – Koronivia
Immanuel BainivanuaFriday10–11amLC1 – Koronivia
HOR412Neha ChandMonday4–5pmLearning Common Room – Koronivia
Wednesday7–8pmZoom link
Makalesi RaibeMonday12–2pmCommon Room 2 – Koronivia
College of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies (CBHTS)
ACC408Sangeeta LataMonday12–2pmH002 – Nasinu
Friday1–3pmH001 – Nasinu
ACC411Eshlyn DeviWednesday2–4pmH001 – Nasinu
Friday2 – 3pmB1103-Nasinu
ACC502Aachal NairWednesday6–8pmZoom link
Thursday1–3pmG5 – Natabua
BNK502Avisha PrasadWednesday2–4pmB1111 – Nasinu
Thursday10am–12pmB1106 – Nasinu
BNK504Savinesh PrasadMonday11am–12pmB1103 – Nasinu
Wednesday4–5pmB1103 – Nasinu
CUS405Priantar SharanMonday12–1pmB1111 – Nasinu
Wednesday12–1pmB1111 – Nasinu
Friday11am–1pmB1111 – Nasinu
ECN501Kushal KumarWednesday1–2pmLibrary – Natabua
Thursday6–7pmZoom link
Friday6–7pmZoom link
ECN601Sweta LataThursday12–2pmZoom link
ECN602Salvesh KumarWednesday1–3pmL3-08 – Natabua
Shiveeka ChandTuesday6.30–8.30pmZoom link
LAW503Nischal Avinesh NarayanMonday1–3pmB1103 – Nasinu
LAW504Nischal Avinesh NarayanThursday3–5pmB1103 – Nasinu
MGT501Raynold DassThursday2–4pmB1104 – Naisnu
Friday10am–12amB1103 – Nasinu
MKT501Rishita RajFriday10am–12pmO3 O4 Room – Namaka
MKT505Monish KumarFriday12–2pmH003 – Nasinu
OAD405Parvindar SinghTuesday10am–12pmN4 – Namaka
OAD407Parvindar SinghFriday10am–12pmN4 Room – Namaka
College of Engineering, Science & Technology (CEST)
ADD642Zunel BeggTuesday9–11amB215 – Derrick
Wednesday8–10amC103 – Derrick
CED501Vineel KumarMonday2–3pmZoom link
Tuesday1–2pmZoom link
CIN419Rayneel PillayThursday2–4pmD7,D8 Room – Namaka
CIN426Rayneel PillayFriday2–4pmD7,D8 Room – Namaka
CIN427Nehal ChandMonday2–4pmD7,D8 Room – Namaka
Friday8–10amO3, O4 Room – Namaka
Samson PrasadThursday11am–1pmZoom link
1–3pmZoom link
CIN501Monish KumarThursday10am–12pmH201 – Nasinu
CIN502Mohammed DeanMonday10am–12pmN4 – Namaka
Wednesday12–2pmESL Hall – Namaka
CIN506Rishita RajWednesday9–11amD5, D6 Room – Namaka
Sayal LataTuesday2–4pmZoom link
Wednesday10am–12pmZoom link
CIN535Izaal NadirMonday7.30–8.30pmZoom link
Thursday7.30–8.30pmZoom link
CIN628Avishek NarayanThursday10am–12pmD5, D6 Room – Namaka
Friday10am–12pmD7, D8 Room – Namaka
HEC502Amvashni KumarWednesday7–9pmZoom link
EEB605Niklesh KumarThursday10–11amC106 – Derrick
Thursday4–5pmA307 – Derrick
HEC504Shristi KumarMonday6–8pmZoom link
Tuesday7–9pmZoom link
HEC601Nazreen NishaMonday7–8pmZoom link
Tuesday7–8pmZoom link
Wednesday7–8pmZoom link
LSD508Rinal ChandWednesday5–7pmZoom link
Friday12–2pmZoom link
MTH507Nishika SharmaMonday6–7pmZoom link
Tuesday6–7pmZoom link
MTH518Ayush NarayanTuesday12–1pmB316 – Derrick
Friday6–8pmZoom link
MTH519Arti Priya VandhanaWednesday9–10amA206 – Derrick
Thursday3–4pmB315 – Derrick
Friday1–2pmC106 – Derrick
MTH611Archana AngeliWednesday4–6pmZoom link
OHS412Nahid ShahMonday9–10amD303 – Ba
Tuesday9–10amD303 – Ba
OHS445Ayush SinghThursday9–11amO3-O4 Block – Namaka
Saturday2–4pmZoom link
PHY403Tanzeel AliTuesday6–7pmZoom link
Thursday7–8pmZoom link
PHY505Tanzeel AliMonday7–8pmZoom link
Tuesday6–7pmZoom link
Wednesday9–10amRoom F3 – Natabua
SBC421Avinay PrasadWednesday10–11amC106 – Derrick
Thursday11am–12pmB314 – Derrick
College of Humanities & Education (CHE)
EDU513Aashana MalaThursday10–11amZoom link
1–3pmZoom link
7–8pmZoom link
EDU548Nishika PratapMonday12–2pmZoom link
Thursday2–4pmZoom link
EDU554Shamal PrasadFriday7–8pmZoom link
EDU560Adarsh SinghWednesday3–5pmTR4 – Koronivia
Salvesh KumarFriday6.30–8.30pmZoom link
Samuela YalayalaTuesday11am–1pmH001 – Derrick
Thursday1–2pmH001 – Derrick
EDU561Archana AngeliMonday2–4pmZoom link
Ronil ReddyTuesday10am–12pmH003 – Nasinu
Shiveeka ChandFriday6.30–8.30pmZoom link
Swaran NaiduMonday7–9pmZoom link
Thursday7–9pmZoom link
EDU575Faaiza BanoTuesday6–8pmZoom link
Thursday6–8pmZoom link
Shania DeoMonday7–8pmZoom link
Tuesday7–8pmZoom link
EDU642Akisi SenikuraciriThursday2–4pmF3 - Natabua
EDU645Adiseru NaicibacibaMonday6–8pmZoom link
Thursday8–9pmZoom link
Friday4–5pmZoom link
EDU647Akisi SenikuraciriFriday11am–12pmF3 - Natabua
Friday1–2pmF3 - Natabua
Sonal KumarMonday2–3pmRoom 3/2 - Naduna
Thursday7–8pmZoom link
Friday10am–12pmRoom 3/2 - Naduna
ETH01Ana MasereMonday11am–1pmNew Foyer - Nasinu
Friday1–3pmNew Foyer - Nasinu
Filimone DavuiTuesday6.30–7.30pmZoom link
Wednesday2–3pmFoyer – Natabua
Friday6.30–8.30pmZoom link
GEO502Filipe TuitubouWednesday10am–12pmL4 Room - Natabua
Thursday12–1pmG5 - Natabua
College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS)
BCH510Mavishna LalTuesday5–7pmZoom link
Thursday5–7pmZoom link
DNT509Sumaiyah KhanFriday2–4pmZoom link
DNT604Jiveshvil RamFriday1–3pmZoom link
Kelvin ChettyMonday4–6pmZoom link
DNT740Jiveshvil RamMonday11am–12pmZoom link
Wednesday4–5pmZoom link
Kelvin ChettyMonday12–1pmZoom link
Wednesday1–2pmZoom link
EPI500Mereani MagitabuaTuesday7–9pmZoom link
Wednesday7–9pmZoom link
Navneet PrasadWednesday7–9pmZoom link
Shayal SharmaMonday7–8pmZoom link
Thursday7–8pmZoom link
Saturday1–3pmZoom link
EVH507Darshika SinghWednesday1–3pmNutrition Hall – Tamavua
HPM501Darshika SinghMonday4–6pmDiscussion Room – Tamavua
MED501Ria DeviMonday6–8pmZoom link
Wednesday6–8pmZoom link
MIS504Aaron PrasadMonday7–8pmZoom link
Friday10am–12pmClinical Lab – Pasifika
MLS507Navneet PrasadFriday6–8pmZoom link
Nazrana BukshThursday8–10pmZoom link
MLS605Jashleen KumarTuesday6–8pmZoom link
NUR512Manshil PrasadThursday6–8pmZoom link
Neha PrasadMonday7–9pmZoom link
Sonali NarayanWednesday7–9pmZoom link
NUR544Jacob RaisilisiliWednesday7–9pmZoom link
Neha PrasadThursday7–9pmZoom link
Sonali NarayanMonday7–9pmZoom link
NUR614Manish GoundarSaturday12–2pmZoom link
Nitika LalWednesday6–8pmZoom link
NUR644Manshil PrasadSaturday6–8pmZoom link
PHM512Matilda SimmonsMonday5–7pmZoom link
Wednesday5–7pmZoom link
PHT514Laisani BaulekaTuesday2–3pmCafeteria Room – Pasifika
Thursday2–4pmPT Gym – Pasifika

Note: More courses will be added later.